Cities of Los Angeles California

Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica is one of the most prestigious and sought after residential cities within Los Angeles. It is almost centrally positioned from Los Angeles’ metropolis area. Located on L.A.’s coast line travel is very convenient. With the I-10 freeway system, the famed 405 north and south, plus the PCH or Pacific Coast Highway you can travel, pretty much anywhere you need to be throughout Los Angeles and SoCal with ease…..while traffic is forever a issue if you travel during traffic hours, if you live in Santa Monica it is never a pain. Being near the coast has a billion perks. The whole world wants to experience what Santa Monica has to offer. It is not a mystery why everyone yearns to see what the Southern California Beach Life is all about. Only families and individuals with the passion for this beautiful lifestyle call Santa Monica home. Property value is always on the increase as of late, it is booming with a excellent residential market. Santa Monica provides a great lifestyle, awesome school system, job opportunity, plus purchasing property in S.M. is a valuable investment.

Fun Fact: Santa Monica is also home to the worlds most renown Record Labels and music business heavy weights. Universal Records, Columbia, Interscope, Electra, Aftermath, Viacom inc. MTV….all reside on Colorado Ave which is also the same avenue that hosts the Santa Monica Pier.

If you are interested in purchasing property in Santa Monica, Contact Amber Celaya

Santa Monica CA
Universal Records Colorado AVE

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